Wärtsilä Smart fuel hose

A fuel hose leakage onboard your vessel can have serious consequences, ranging from cumbersome and expensive clean-up operations to fires that endanger the safety of your personnel and equipment. In order to maximise safety, Wärtsilä has developed the Smart fuel hose, a multi-layered flexible fuel hose with leakage indication that helps to ensure that any leakages are detected before they cause harm to your operations.

    Technical info

    The Wärtsilä Smart fuel hose assembly consists of multi-layered flexible hoses and leakage indication. The assembly is type approved, MED certified and field tested in harsh conditions.

    • Decrease the risk of fuel spray 
    • Increase safety for personnel and equipment 
    • Decrease the risk of an engine room fire 
    • Ensure peace of mind for personnel operating the engine
    • Avoid costly clean-up operations after fuel spray
    • Increase component reliability and lifetime
    Wärtsilä Vasa 32, Wärtsilä 32, Wärtsilä 46, Wärtsilä 46F, Wärtsilä 50


    Article: Enhance safety at sea with smart fuel hoses

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