Complying with EEXI – how to speed up decarbonisation without slowing down vessels

Time is running out for vessel owners to comply with the IMO’s EEXI and CII measures. What are the pathways to compliance, and how can Wärtsilä help?

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Wärtsilä Marine Power leads the industry in its journey towards a decarbonised and sustainable future. Our portfolio of engines, propulsion systems, hybrid technology and integrated powertrain systems deliver the reliability, safety, and environmental performance to decarbonise the worlds fleet. We offer our customers performance-based agreements, lifecycle solutions, and an unrivalled global network of maritime expertise.

11 MAY 2022 Article
6 min read
Improve manoeuvrability and efficiency for newbuild feeder vessels with a CPP
Learn how combining a controllable pitch propeller and shaft generator...
10 MAY 2022 Article
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Wärtsilä W32 methanol launch webinar
The Wärtsilä 32 Methanol engine is part of Wärtsilä’s wider efforts to help decarbonise the maritime industry...
29 APR 2022 Article
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LNG – Fuel for thought in our deep-dive Q&A
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20 APR 2022 Article
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Plug and play – cutting vessel fuel consumption and emissions with shore-power
Five things you need to know about reducing emissions, fuel costs and...
13 APR 2022 Article
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Future proof: Wärtsilä solutions mean the Fure Viten is ready for 2050 – today
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7 APR 2022 Article
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DC or not DC, that is the question
What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC hubs? When are they useful and what problems can arise when...
5 APR 2022 Article
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Are you geared up to comply with EEXI?
Wärtsilä’s webinar on EEXI compliance through power limitation discusses the IMO’s upcoming requirements and...
29 MAR 2022 Article
3 min read
Comprehensive engine upgrade on two vessels delivers Tier II compliance for leading European cruise operator
Thanks to Wärtsilä’s intimate knowledge...
28 MAR 2022 Article
3 min read
Driving fleet decarbonisation with data-led advice
As the entry into force of IMO’s energy efficiency regulations EEXI and CII rapidly approaches,...


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