Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) – Data tools to help you improve your fleet’s CII ratings

Decarbonisation regulations are changing industry standards, and maritime stakeholders are under increasing pressure to prove they are taking the necessary steps to optimise their operations and cut emissions from ocean-going transport.


While there are tools that help with calculating and submitting a CII rating, simply complying isn’t enough. The CII rating is all about optimising the vessel, routes, speed, and consumption amongst other things. This means that with the right data, you can make informed decisions to quickly and cost-effectively improve your CII rating in the short term, which will put you and your fleet in a better position when looking at the 2025 revision.



  • Which vessels are at risk of falling under the noncompliance line in 2023?
  • What will fleet composition look like in 2026 if measures to reduce emissions are not taken?
  • How to consider the impact of voyage planning on vessel’s CII rating?
  • Is it possible to keep the CII rating with a new propeller, and how many years the current Charterparty speed can be guaranteed?
Our presenters
Kay Dausendschoen
Head of Product, Fleet Operations & Optimisation, Wärtsilä
Marko Zelger
Product Lead, Environmental Optimization & Compliance, Wärtsilä

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