Aquarius ECX, the Atex-proof electro chlorination BWMS

Aquarius ECX bwms for Atex Zone 1 IIC T4 environment, electr0-chlorination ballast treatment for hazardous areas

The Aquarius ECX is a fully automatic electro-chlorination BWMS, specifically designed for operation and installation in a hazardous Zone 1 IIC T4 environment. It holds an ATEX Type approval and the design has been verified by DEKRA Test and Certification (Notified Body 0158).

From an operator point of view it performs in exactly the same way as a standard area electro-chlorination system with added safety features. The ballast water treatment system uses a combination of hazardous area solutions to offer ballast water treatment on tankers and other installations where installation of a system has to be completed in a hazardous area.

The ECX is supplied with a plug & play intrinsically safe barrier box that enables all required signals from the hazardous area to be connected on installation (on the safe area bulkhead). This means that the installer only needs to consider the cable runs as all IS circuits are supplied with suitable barrier protection.

Atex logo, hazardous Zone 1 IIC T4

The Aquarius ECX is designed for operation and installation in a hazardous Zone 1 IIC T4 environment


    • Local junction boxes provided for installation in hazardous area. Boxes are fully rated & certified.
    • System uses pneumatic actuators and a purge & over pressure protection system for the TRO sensors, using ship's air.
    • Thanks to modular design only filter and dosing line / point need to be installed in the hazardous area. Other equipment is installed in a safe area on the vessel.
    • Interconnection lines to the dosing unit are small (DN50 maximum) and the only other connections are electrical and control related cabling.


    SystemCapacity (m3/h)Total Installed power (kW)
    Installed / Nominal
    AQ-550-ECX55 - 55038 / 33
    AQ-1200-ECX120 - 120075 / 65
    AQ-1650-ECX165 - 1650104 / 90
    AQ-2500-ECX250 - 2500161 / 140
    AQ-3300-ECX330 - 3300202 / 174
    AQ-4000-ECX400 - 4000245 /211

    Pressure drop
    Normal operation: 0.3 barg
    Backwash set point: 0.8 barg

    Dedicated Atex solution for tankers
    We offer an aft peak bolt-on Aquarius® ECX unit (550m3/hr), with filter, mixer kit and local control panel. If required, this system can be used to treat the water on uptake into the aft peak. Alternatively, a UV system can be used for this purpose. This holds the advantage that it is completely independent of the EC system, which is a more straight forward solution.


    Delivered as standard

    • Sidestream pump module
    • Filtersafe® filtration unit with EX d/e motors & instrumentation, where required
    • Electro-chlorination cell module
    • Dosing tank module
    • Mixer kit with TRO sensor
    • Neutralisation pump module
    • DC power supply
    • Control panel
    • Isokinetic sample point Ex p (purged and overpressure) system on the TRO instrumentation
    • Pneumatic actuators instead of electric ones
    • Ex e/i instrumentation on the mixer kit

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