Advanced Oily Water Separator Wärtsilä  - SWT 5000

Advanced oily water separators

With the aid of Wärtsilä's Advanced Oily Water Separators all environmental aspects regarding bilge water issues are easily handled. A minimum impact for the operation staff is guaranteed. And the results easily surpass the legislative requirements for both today and tomorrow. The Wärtsilä Advanced OWS series are IMO and US Coast Guard approved. They give the operator effective control over all bilge media as well as over any discharges made into the sea.

The oily water separating system guarantees a maximum oil content in the effluent of 5 or 15 ppm (parts per million) . Actual results depend on specification, with real case levels being below 1 ppm during continuous operation. The units are designed to conform to the highest safety standards. This makes doesn't only make the advanced OWS units extremely competitive, but it also offers ship owners and operators a substantial value in itself. No accident, discharge or injury should be caused by our equipment!


    Unsurpassed treatment quality

    The mixture of fuel oils, lubricants, detergents, solvents and water on board often creates stable emulsions in the bilge water tanks. Without modern and effective bilge water cleaning equipment this may lead to discharges of bilge water containing oil and hazardous components at sea or to unnecessarily high amounts of waste being pumped ashore. The heart of the Wärtsilä range of oily water separators is a groundbreaking separating process which effectively sorts out oil traces even from complicated emulsions. Together with the Solidpac add-on, the units can reduce the amount of bilge water for disposal ashore with as much as 95 percent, enabling substantial net savings in disposal costs.

    • Effective operational control over all bilge & sludge
    • Low operational costs
    • High safety standard
    • IMO/USCG approved
    • Clean water discharged into the sea


    Safe & secure operation

    Safety is another key aspect of bilge water treatment. With older treatment units, an operator normally had to stand watch in order to secure the treatment operation. The Wärtsilä OWS series range from Wärtsilä obviates the need of this as it constantly evaluates the effluent and its own operation parameters. When the treatment quality decreases or routine or unplanned maintenance is needed, a warning is shown on the operator console on the unit and on the optional control screen on the bridge or in the control room. The operator is then guided through the actual corrective actions, all in order to ease and speed up the way back to full operation.


    Service & support

    Wärtsilä Water & Waste supports its customers throughout the lifecycle of their installations by optimizing efficiency and performance. We offer expertise, proximity and responsiveness for all our customers in the most environmentally sound way.

    Our Services & Support solutions range from basic support, installation and commissioning, performance optimization, upgrades and conversions to service projects and agreements focusing on overall equipment performance and asset management. We deliver aftersales support through our network of service centres worldwide.


    Complet setup of Wärtsilä's Advanced Oily Water Separation solution

    Complete Wärtsilä Oily Water Treatment System

    1. Wärtsilä OWS oily water separator
    2. Solidpac solids dewatering unit (optional)
    3. Onsys pre-system (compulsory on OWS 500 and OWS 2500)
    4. Wärtsilä BWG bilge discharge monitoring system (optional)

    Not included in the scope of supply

    5. Bilge tank
    6. Sludge tank


    System Max capacity
    Max capacity
    Dry weight
    Wet weight
    L x W x H
    Max. oil in effluent
    OWS 500 0,5  2,2 3 510 800 1185x765x1715 6,64 5 ppm / 15 ppm*
    OWS 1000 1 4,4  3 650 1950 2344x1100x1855 14,47 5 ppm / 15 ppm*
    OWS 2500 2,5 11,0  3 950 2700 3210x1400x1855 11,94 5 ppm / 15 ppm*
    OWS 5000 5  22,0 6 1000 2200 2440x1100x2365 14,0 5 ppm / 15 ppm*
    * Depending on specification

    Environmentally driven

    Environmental issues are a growing concern for companies involved in shipping as well as for governments and global organisations. Although shipping is already one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transportation of goods and people, more and more focus is put on minimizing different types of effluents into air and water. Legislative actions already in operation or coming in the near future also focus on keeping the seas clean.

    Advanced oily water separators from Wärtsilä for better protection of our seas and oceans. Against different types of harmful effluents

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