• Enabling industries to re-use polluted water streams

    Producing high-quality technical water from effluent and waste heat

Heavy-duty freshwater generators for the industry

MSF and HiTE recycle effluent and waste heat of industrial processes

Wärtsilä's Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) evaporator and Horizontal inner Tube Evaporator (HiTE) are producing high-quality technical water from the effluent of your industrial process or any other source of water. Both MSF and HiTE are also capable of re-using available waste heat, guaranteeing a very energy friendly way of distilling water.

A specific advantage of both technologies is that the brine concentration at output stage can be controlled. This enables users to greatly reduce the volume of to-be-disposed wastewater, hence keeping affiliated waste costs to a minimum. Both MSF and HiTE prove to be some of the most heavy duty yet low-maintenance freshwater generation plants in the world. They are easy to install, highly modular in design and very economical at start-up.

The MSF is able to produce up to 1500 tons of distillate per day. The distillate's quality and quantity are not impacted by the uptaken water temperature. It is the only evaporator technology that strictly separates heat transfer and evaporation, minimizing the risk of scaling and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

The HiTE is a prefect solution for distilling volumes of 30 to 250 tons/day, with a high concentration brine.

How MSF and HiTE contribute to recycling effluent & waste heat

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After-sales support

The MSF and HiTE are famous for their low operational cost. They are designed for easy maintenance and long service intervals. Each unit is fully supported throughout its lifecycle. Owners and operators can count on:

Each MSF and HiTE freshwater generator is commissioned by qualified commissioning engineers. Because of their excellent built quality the required maintenance is low. Any technician can do the job.

Automation of Wärtsilä Waste and Wastewater treatment systems

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