Aquarius UV Ballast Water Management System

Aquarius UV ballast water treatment skid by Wärtsilä Water & Waste

Aquarius UV Ballast Water Management System is one of the most robust solutions for ballast water treatment. It uses a 2-stage process involving filtration and ultra-violet (UV) irradiation. It can be used across the full range of ship operating and environmental conditions.

The system uses no active substances or chemicals, is easy to integrate, operate and maintain. The Aquarius UV is type approved to the latest IMO and USCG regulations. It is available in for installation in both engine room and hazardous areas on tankers as an EX version.

Wärtsilä Water & Waste works in close cooperation with its customers. Our BWMS partnership program covers all stages, from fleet evaluation to lifecycle support. Wärtsilä’s tailored turnkey solutions help minimize your environmental footprint, improve operational efficiency and comply to IMO and USCG standards.


    Benefits of Aquarius UV treatment:

    • Medium pressure crossflow UV reactor using our dedicated global UV partner who also manufacture the lamps, this gives us an extremely stable supply chain
    • The reactor body is manufactured from high grade materials and designed to eliminate corrosion
    • The high quality quartz sleeve is self-cleaning via a mechanical wiper which operates during operations and in standby, ensuring and maintaining the highest performance possible for the lamps. This eliminates the need for chemicals and associated cleaning rigs 
    • Competitive lamp life durations
    • High quality quartz sleeves and instrumentation ensure compliant treatment


    Wärtsilä Aquarius UV

    SystemCapacity (m3/h)Total installed power (kW)Filter
    AQ-125-UV12.5 / 12519.0Manta Filter
    AQ-300-UV30 - 30047.7Manta Filter
    AQ-500-UV50 - 50062.6Manta Filter
    AQ-750-UV75 - 75092.2E-Series Filter
    AQ-1000-UV100 - 1000100.0E-Series Filter


    Delivered as standard

    • Filtersafe® filter
    • Ultra-Violet chamber kit, including flow meter
    • UV reactor 
    • Isokinetic sample point
    • Power distribution cabinet
    • Control cabinet

    Proven technology that ensures a low-risk path to compliance & straightforward operation

    Aquarius UV in operation

    System operation is incredibly straight forward. Simply select an operation mode and start the ballast pump when requested. The warm-up of the Aquarius UV is fully automatic. No sea-to-sea operation is required during this phase. From this point the system will look after itself until shutdown. Crew interaction is limited to annual maintenance needs and occasional watchkeeping of the unit.

    UV ballast water treatment

    The Aquarius UV BWMS uses a medium pressure UV reactor to provide the second stage of treatment during ballast uptake. It  also treats the ballast water on discharge, prior to overboard discharge. This reactor works intelligently to always provide the dose needed to meet the type approved parameters for treatment of the ballast water. This dose control is a critical part of the treatment process and critical to treatment success.

    Product hologram

    No effective BWMS without proper filtration

    A crucial first step in UV ballast water treatment is the filtration of all incoming seawater during uptake. We use high quality 40 micron back-flushing filter systems that offer an exceptional high and reliable performance. They allow for a very consistent second stage treatment of the ballast water to IMO and USCG standards. Our filter systems are designed by our trusted partner Filtersafe®.


    • 1st stage filter removes larger organisms, reducing the amount of UV light needed to meet D-2.
    • Removal of large particles and organisms reduces UV-scatter which prevents UV light effectively treating the ballast flow.
    • Built-up sediment in ballast tanks increases the ship's weight, reducing cargo capacity and can create safe areas for organisms to develop in the tanks.
    • Patented nozzle technology cleans 100% of the filter screen, reducing backflush frequency and improving filter throughput.
    UV filtration

    How our filter systems work

    Water enters the vessel through the seachest and is pumped by the ballast pump to the first stage of the treatment system, the filter. At the filter, the water is first prefiltered to remove large particles and debris. The particles less than 1mm then enter the filtration chamber where they pass from the inside of the screen out to the filter body.

    After filtration, the seawater is ready to go to the secondary stage to be treated before filling the ballast tanks.

    As the water passes through the filter, organisms and dirt are trapped on the inside of the screen. A differential pressure sensor measures the amount of debris trapped on the screen and triggers the automatic self-cleaning cycle when the screen needs cleaning. During the self-cleaning cycle, the organisms and dirt on the screen are suctioned by the nozzles back through the scanner arm and deposited by the flushing system overboard.

    After cleaning, the differential pressure returns to normal and the automatic cleaning cycle resets until the next time the screen needs to be cleaned.

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