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  • How special is the 'Special Area'​ for passenger ships really?

    18 June 2022 01:00,  
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    Comparing to Alaskan water whereby the local laws have successfully introduced grey water regulation and compliance monitoring to large passenger ships for 2 decades, the Baltic Sea Special Area has inherited the weaknesses of MARPOL Annex IV, as evident by the certified magic boxes and a lack of monitoring or visibility to STP discharge performances. On land, in addition to the uncertainty of PRF adequacy, there is a lack of transparency to sewage disposal routes and the capabilities of receiving WWTWs. Importantly, issues such as the conflicting TN removal population thresholds (12 vs. 10,000), the open-ended percentage TN target, the exceedances against the local permissible concentrations, and the nutrient contribution of animal carriers can have significant and long-lasting implications. The IMO needs to showcase the effective implementation of its environmental rules. This well ringfenced Special Area can be a candidate. To address the <0.1% nutrient contribution, money and natural resources are being invested twice, once in the PRFs, and once in the STPs. Industry is committed. The Baltic Member States will no doubt be well equipped and committed to showcase the effectiveness and the benefits of the Special Area which they initiated. Time will tell if the Special Area is really special.
  • New sales director for Wärtsilä Water & Waste

    15 November 2021 01:00,  
    • News
    A warm re-welcome to Leif Nydal Abildgaard, the new Sales Director of Wärtsilä Water & Waste division. Before starting this position, Leif held a position as General Manager of Sales in Wärtsilä Danmark A/S, and went externally for a few years to a world leading supplier of marine CEMS.
  • Wärtsilä Water & Waste Linkedin page to reach 2000 followers

    7 October 2021 01:00,  
    • News
    We are happy and thankful to announce that our Water & Waste showcase page has passed the 2000 followers mark! A big thank-you to all LinkedIn users: for your interest in & support of this special Wärtilä business unit of ours.
  • Newbuild 'total advanced waste solution' project nearing completion

    28 September 2021 01:00,  
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    Another newbuild cruise project is nearing its completion. The vessel has a total Advanced Waste Solution on board, treating all waste streams. This vessel has also taken a green step forward by installing the novel MAGS (Micro Auto Gasification System) which is automatically fed for/with burnable waste and dried bio-waste.

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