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Single Stage Desalination Plants

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Wärtsilä’s Single Stage Desalination (SSD) plant generates high quality freshwater in an energy efficient way. With a capacity from 8 to 35 tons/day, it is ideal for converting seawater for use as drinking or technical water onboard ships or offshore installations.

The Wärtsilä SSD is a state-of-the-art desalination unit that meets the need of long-voyage seagoing vessels where freshwater cannot be bunkered. It is also applicable in situations where clean water is required for processes. The system uses vacuum distillation to remove salt and other impurities from the seawater and convert it into high quality freshwater (< 4 µS/cm). The design features simple technology for continuous and user-friendly operation. Waste heat from the diesel engine or other heat sources is used to evaporate the seawater.

The SSD produces freshwater of the highest quality, simply and reliably. It is easy to operate, requires minimal maintenance. Spare parts are easily accessible, and no special consumables are required. Operating costs are low, and the use of time consuming manpower is extremely limited. Like all Wärtsilä installations, the SSD is supported by the marine industry’s most extensive global service network.

The Single Stage Desalinator is Wärtsilä's plug-and-play freshwater generator. Simple. Reliable. Easy to install, operate & maintain.


    • Plug-and-play solution 
    • Utilising engine waste heat 
    • Low electricity consumption and economical operating costs 
    • Cost effective thanks to limited need for consumables, special tools and spare parts 
    • Ease of operation promotes greater safety 
    • Maintenance friendly 
    • Excellent reliability 
    • Control cabinet included 


    Specific thermal power
    Specific electrical power
    (kWh/t) 1
    (kg) 2
    L x W x H
    SSD 1-18 -147408,5580970x960x16802
    SSD 1-214 - 227408,5620970x960x16802
    SSD 2-322 - 307408,57101260x960x16802,5
    SSD 2-430 - 357408,57501260x960x16802,5
    1 Values can vary
    2 The weight and dimensions include the control panel


    Variants :
    Heating water sources: all types of water between 70 °C and 95 °C, steam or a combination of both.

    Other technical data:
    Water conductivity < 4 μS/cm
    The weights given for the freshwater generators are in an empty condition. An additional 10% should be assumed for their operational weight. The weight and dimensions include the control panel.


    Seawater is fed into the system, passing through the condenser (1) and air-brine ejector (2). A small part of the seawater is used as feedwater for the evaporator. The air-brine ejector, driven by the seawater, evacuates both the excessive feed water and the chamber. A heating medium is fed into the evaporator. After approximately 5 minutes a vacuum of 90% is reached and evaporation of the feed water commences. The vapour flows through a demister (3) and is condensed in the condenser section. The distillate is pumped out of the unit.

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    Delivered as standard

    • Condenser & evaporator plates made from corrosion resistant titanium
    • Distillate pump
    • Combined air and brine ejector
    • Chemical dosing tank including dosing instruments
    • Solenoid valve for dumping bad distillate
    • Control cabinet, including distillate motor starter and seawater pump motor starter
    • High salinity alarm
    • Complete documentation and drawing


    • Seawater pump including electric motor
    • Mineralization filter for adjusting the pH-value of the distillate
    • UV sterilizer for disinfection of the distillate
    • Counter flanges
    • Steam injector
    • Booster heater

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