Wärtsilä Dryer


The dryer in the Wärtsilä bio-sludge treatment system can process all the sludge from wastewater and food waste before incineration. The purpose is to reduce the volume by drying. A cruise ship produces large quantities of wastewater and food waste. This waste must be treated to comply with the environmental requirements for no pollution at sea.

The process increases the dryness of the waste to a high level of dry solids. Dried is stored in the dry waste silo before incineration.

In addition, the new agitator design reduces the operational requirements. The design of the agitators/blades within our dryer, prevent the chewing gum phase effect, and the creation of large stones. Using this new design of agitator removes the unnecessary task of cleaning and removing large un-dried bio waste stones which can take up to 3 days to complete.


    System benefits Customer benefits
    IMO certified No compliance problems, future proof
    Exceeds USCG, HELCOM and Alaska effluent discharge standards Cruising with peace of mind. The system meets and exceeds the likely regulatory requirements for both new and existing installations
    Can process all types of sludge from wastewater and food waste No need for different systems – saves space and money
    Reduces the volume of the sludge Saving valuable storage space that can be used for revenue generating areas such as cabins
    The drying process takes place under vacuum Requires 30% less steam, saving you energy costs
    The new agitator design reduces the operational requirements Time saver. Your staff does not need to perform a 3-day cleaning of the dryer and remove any large stones which are not dried properly


    Want to comply with environmental regulations?

    If you are in the cruise segment, working as an owner/operator or perhaps running a cruise yard, then there is a clear advantage in maintaining a more proactive public image. This can be achieved with a complete waste treatment package optimised for the cruise market. Wärtsilä Water & Waste as a global player can contribute with worldwide support 24/7. The complete waste treatment package that your cruise ship needs is now available from Wärtsilä Water & Waste. Having only one supplier for the whole package reduces your technical and commercial risks. In addition, the compact size can increase the vessels revenue in terms of more cabin space.

    One dryer to dry it all

    A cruise ship’s effluent must be clean and safe to comply with environmental regulations. Keeping up with new environmental requirements can be challenging. Wärtsilä Water & Waste can help in this area. We have a proven track-record for technology that meets anticipated environmental standards and has set the global benchmark for wastewater management. If you are in the cruise market, Wärtsilä’s complete and fully integrated, wet and dry waste treatment package is for you.

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