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    Inspections & surveys

    Safeguarding your onboard waste & wastewater treatment

eddy current testing on fresh water generators; testing onboard gas and liquid systems

Inspections & surveys

Our skilled field service engineers can attend on board and carry out careful surveys and inspections of all waste and wastewater equipment to assess the operational performance and also to assess the, material condition of the equipment. On completion of the health-check survey, a detailed report will be issued identifying the following:

  • Material condition of systems and equipment
  • Recommendations on actions required to resolve operational of maintenance issues
  • Recommended parts & service kits that may be needed
  • Recommended future work or services (preventative maintenance)
  • Recommendations & advice on keeping system in compliance
  • Operational hands-on training to operators to deliver best practice
  • Process analysis and assessment of processing performance

Importance of frequent inspections & surveys

Frequent of health checks and surveys are an excellent way for ship operators and managers to get a accurate and clear understanding of the operational and material condition of their systems. It enables them to get a good understanding of any future preventive maintenance requirement, allowing them to do a more accurate maintenance budgeting. It prevents any sudden breakdown and minimises the risk of non-compliance of their operations.

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For NEWBUILD & RETROFITS, please contact +44 1202 662 600 or waw.sales@wartsila.com

For spare parts, please e-mail us with the Equipment Serial Number or the name of the vessel at pse@wartsila.com. For urgent support, contact +44 1202 662 634.

For technical support & service, please email us with the Equipment Serial Number or the name of the vessel at poole.service@wartsila.com. For urgent support, contact +44 1202 662 616.

Equipment Serial Number is taken from the equipment nameplate and includes all letters and numbers as given on the equipment nameplate.