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Welcoming Cathodic Marine Engineering as our new agent for Singapore

Jethro Brussaard, Paul Watkins, Konstantin Tchetchine, News 24 May 2022 at 15:59 UTC+2
  • Cathodic Marine Engineering new agent for Wärtsilä Water & Waste

Wärtsilä Water and Waste is pleased to announce that it is expanding its global agent network and has signed an agency agreement with Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore.

All Cathodic Marine Engineering’s employees have strong experience in Singapore’s marine and offshore industry. They will be supplying the newbuild & retrofit equipment, spare parts and services for the complete Wärtsilä Water and Waste product portfolio:

•             Wastewater Treatment Plants

•             Ballast Water Management Systems

•             Vacuum Toilet Systems

•             Freshwater Generators

•             Wet and Dry Waste Systems

Cathodic Marine Engineering was established in 1994 and has over 14 years of manufacturing and design experience in providing comprehensive Cathodic Protection (CP) and Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) to the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore and Marine Civil Industries. Founded and headed by a team of experienced veterans, Cathodic Marine Pte Ltd has the right set of skills and knowledge to cater to the needs of ship owners and operators.

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