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Adam Collins joines Water & Waste team as Spare Parts Identification Team Leader

News 23 November 2021 at 01:00 UTC+2
  • Adam Collins, new Spare Parts Identification Team Leader

New-to-the-team! Last month Adam Collins joined Wärtsilä Water & Waste as Spare Parts Identification Team Leader.

Adam: "In the past I have had many different roles in the aircraft industry. I have mainly worked with rotary wing at Leonardo Helicopters including fitting engines and transmission components to the AW101 aircraft."

Adam also spent several years leading a team, building rotor heads and transmission components on the Wildcat and AW139 aircraft: "I had a wonderful opportunity to live in northern Italy for a year looking after full flight simulators for the AW139 and AW189 helicopters. I was the Operations Manager for a company building jet powered carbon fibre surfboards for the leisure industry and more recently as Operations manager for a medical bed company. I am hoping I can transfer a lot of my knowledge from the aircraft world into the marine industry."

Adam's passion is people. He loves to meet new people, build relationships and find out what makes different people tick. He is an avid reader of leadership literature and business ideas, that create an everyone culture, where people are empowered to make decision and help achieve the common goal for the business. This is the kind of thinking that he would like to bring to Wärtsilä. Team-work makes the dream work!

"I would like to grow customer satisfaction in any way we can. Being there for the customer when they need us most, helping with their opportunities and making them feel a part of our business. We can do this by focusing on the customer in everything we do, building relationships and communicating in a timely manner when things are going well but also when we fall over." , says Adam.

When he is not at home Adam is an on-call #firefighter for the Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue. He responds to emergency calls in the local area such as road traffic accidents, domestic and commercial fires and even people stuck in trees. "I have not been to any cats as yet! I also love to be physically active, enjoying CrossFit, running and cycling. I also love anything with an engine!"

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