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    Testing & inspecting

    Safeguarding your onboard freshwater supply

eddy current testing on fresh water generators; testing onboard gas and liquid systems

Testing & inspection

Wärtsilä Water & Waste service engineers have extensive knowledge of the processes of each fresh water maker. By using dedicated test and inspection methods, they are able to offer the customer a complete analysis of the status of each system. Based on a thorough analysis a preventive maintenance programme is proposed. This will ensure a trouble-free operation of the fresh water plant.

Our offer:

  • Extensive overview of the condition of your installations
  • Professional sealing of damaged tubes
  • Competitive prices for repair costs
  • Fast service
  • Expertise to protect the environment
  • Testing in compliance with EN 473 and/or SNT-TC-1A


    Eddy Current testing enables efficient determination of whether tubes in fresh water generators need to be replaced. This approach uses electromagnetic induction to detect flaws in conductive materials.

    Our testing engineers have extensive process related knowledge. They are certified in accordance with EN 473 and the American guideline SNT-TC-1A with regard to the non-destructive testing of materials.


    Ultrasonic leak detection for fresh water & other installations

    Wärtsilä Water & Waste offers an inspection service based on the latest ultrasonic technology for detecting gas and liquid leakages. Testing your fresh water equipment and connected systems on leaks significantly reduces the risk of down-time and limitations in operational reliability.

    With the aid of a parabolic reflection probe leakages can be detected from a distance of up to 20 meters. To identify the exact location of the leakage, a fine-tipped instrument is used. 

    Improve your energy efficiency and protect yourself against the risk of high costs caused by leakages.

    Our leakage detection service can be used for both fresh water makers and other compressed air, steam and vacuum systems on a marine and offshore vessel. Also land-based applications can be inspected.

    Our offer:

    • Fast and cost effective fault location
    • Professional testing and repair
    • Leak detection while the installations is still in operation
    • Fast executions of repairs
    ultrasonic leak detection

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