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Port-ship data platform Remote tugs Tug as-a-service Induction charging

23 Apr 2019

The Wärtsilä IntelliTug Project

The IntelliTug, a co-creation by PSA Marine and Wärtsilä, is a stellar testament to the partnership potential between man and machine, whereby the Tug Master’s situational awareness can be greatly enhanced...

Maritime Simulation and Training

Transas, a Wärtsilä Company, delivers cutting-edge, full-mission engine and bridge multi-simulator environment upgrade to Carnival Corporation’s world-class CSMART Center - Taking operational excellence...

Exploring the potential

The provision of the new shuttle tankers to Teekay is one strong example of how operational issues in shipping today are abated by Wärtsilä’s solutions, each of which is focused on the reduction of emissions...

Change in the city starts at the shore

An oceanic awakening’  is a global movement focused on the radical transformation of the world’s marine and energy industries into one supremely efficient, ecologically sound, digitally connected and collaborative ecosystem.


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