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A superstructure which extends from the aft perpendicular forward to a point, which is aft of the forward perpendicular. The poop may originate from a point aft off the after perpendicular, (ICLL).


A harbour in which ships can load or discharge cargo.

Port facility

A location where the ship/port interface takes place, including anchorages, berths, and approaches.

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)

Person designated as responsible for the development, implementation, revision, and maintenance of the port facility security plan and for liason with the port authorities and Ship Security Officers and Company Security Officer.

Port of Registry, hailing port

The place where a ship is registered. It is shown on the stern of the vessel.

Port side

The left-hand side of a ship when looking forward. Opposite to starboard.

Portable decompression chamber

A unit intended for human occupancy under greater than atmospheric pressure conditions. It is installed on a vehicle such as a helicopter or truck.

Porthole, port light, sidescuttle

A circular opening in the ship side to provide light and ventilation. A hinged metal cover or deadlight can be clamped over to secure in heavy weather.

Poseidon Principles

A global baseline to support societal goals and environmental responsibility consistent with the International Maritime Organization “IMO” ambitions for Green House Gas “GHG” reductions.

Position Mooring System

A system which keeps the Floating Installation Vessel on station. There are two types of position mooring systems: conventional spread mooring and single point mooring.

Post-weld heat treatment

Stress relieving operation carried out to reduce the stresses caused by welding. For general fabrication work it is only required when material thickness exceed 30-40mm.

Pot life

The period after mixing the components of two-component paint during which the paint remains usable.


The quantity of cargo poured through one hatch opening as one step in the loading plan, i.e. from the time the spout is positioned over a hatch opening until it is moved to another hatch opening.

Pour point

The pour point is the lowest temperature at which the fuel just flows thanks to its own weight.


A dry substance in the form of very small grains.


The quantity of work done in a defined time or the rate of doing work. When unit work is done in unit time then a unit of power has been used.

Power actuating system

The hydraulic equipment for supplying power to turn the rudderstock, comprising a steering gear power unit or units, together with the associated pipes and fittings, and a rudder actuator.

Power supply installations

Installations for the generating, conversion, storage and distribution of electrical energy.

Power system of dynamic positioning system

All components and systems necessary to supply the DP system with power.


Schneekluth wake equalizing duct - The propulsion improving device, especially for full block ships, developed by Professor Schneekluth.

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