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  • KAPPEL propeller

    A new screw propeller with higher efficiency than a conventional state-of-the-art propeller.

  • Keel

    The principal fore-and-aft component of ship framing, located along the centreline of the bottom and connected...

  • Keel blocks

    Heavy wooden or concrete blocks on which ship rests during construction or repair.

  • Kelly

    A long hollow, square section forging which screws into the top section of a drill pipe. It is driven by the rotary...

  • Key

    A machined metal bar which is used to connect a component to a shaft.

  • Keyless fitting of fixed pitch propeller

    Keyless bore propellers are press fitted on the shaft cone. Oil is injected under pressure between the bore and...

  • Keyway

    The groove or slot in which a key fits. It must be carefully designed to avoid weakening of the shaft or creating...

  • Kinematic viscosity

    The absolute viscosity of a fluid divided by its density at the temperature of viscosity measurement.

  • Kingston valve

    A conical valve, opening outward, to close the mouth of a pipe which passes through the side of a vessel below...

  • Knocking

    Knocking in spark-ignition engines occurs when the fuel-air mixture spontaneously and violently ignites ahead of...

  • Knot

    A unit of speed, equal to one nautical mile (6,076 feet or 1852 meters) per hour. In the days of sail, speed was...

  • Knuckle

    An abrupt change in direction of plating, frames, keel, deck, or other structure of a ship.

  • Kort nozzle

    A fixed, annular forward extending duct around the propeller. The propeller operates with a small gap between blade...

  • KOTUG Rotor Tug

    Developed and patented by Ton Kooren, the president of Dutch Towage Company KOTUG, the Rotor Tug represents a new...

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