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S-57 Standard Format

A type of electronic navigational chart (ENC) format. The S-57 digital chart is a vector format based on the S-57 object model.

Sacrificial anode

The anode made of metal less noble than steel in the galvanic series (zinc or aluminium).

Sacrificial anode cathodic protection

Ametal can be made cathodic by electric connecting to a more anodic metal within the electrolyte.

Safe Anchor Handling System (SAHS)

Handling of rig anchors is one of the most demanding and dangerous tasks performed in the marine service industry.

Safe Return to Port (SRtP)

Capsizing of COSTA CONCORDIA and fire of engine room on board CARNIVAL TRIUMPH show that hundred years after tragic sinking of the ocean liner TITANIC passenger ships are still not sufficiently safe.

Safe speed

The speed of a vessel allowing the maximum possible time for effective action to be taken to avoid a collision and to be stopped within an appropriate distance.

Safe Working Load (SWL)

The SWL for shipboard lifting appliances and heavy lift cranes is the load that each complete crane assembly is approved to lift on the cargo hook, excluding the weight of the gear (hook, block, wire, etc.).

Safe working practice

An accepted working procedure which ensures a person to be able to perform a particular task safely and without being exposed to any unnecessary risks.

Safe working pressure

The maximum permissible pressure in cargo hoses.

Safety head

A device which in operating condition expels the gas at a velocity in excess of the flame propagating velocity of that gas mixture

Safety system

An automatic control system designed to automatically lead controlled machinery to a predetermined less critical condition in response to a fault...

Safety workstation

Workstation on the bridge at which monitoring displays and operating elements of systems serving the ship’s own safety are concentrated.

Safety zone

The area around an offshore installation within a radius of 500 m. Ships are prohibited from entry except under special circumstances, e.g. when in distress.


A condition where the bow and stern are supported by buoyancy and the ship's middle portion is not. The upper deck is under compression, the bottom under tension.


Excess flow paint, also called runs or curtains.

Saimaa Canal

The Saimaa Canal runs through Russian as well as Finnish territory, and provides a direct route to and from ports located in the Saimaa Lake District.


Concentration of salt in water. Measured in part per million (PPM).


An instrument which measures and indicates the amount of sodium chloride, expressed in parts per million, in a given sample of water.


The money paid for assistance in saving a ship or other goods from danger at sea or the actual goods themselves.

Salvage Association

A body which acts, through its surveyors, to establish the nature, cause and extent of damage to a vessel and advice regarding repair or any means of determining the extent of loss.

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