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Tack weld

A weld made to hold parts of a weldment in proper alignment until the final welds are made.

Tack welder

A fitter, or someone under the direction of a fitter, who tack welds parts of a weldment to hold them in proper alignment until the final welds are made.

Tactical diameter

see Manoeuvring parameters.

Take-me-home drive systems

Emergency drive systems typically installed in ships with geared medium-speed engines by means of an electric motor connected via a clutch to a pinion shaft in the gearbox (PTI).


An enclosed space formed by the permanent structure of a ship and which is designed for the carriage of liquid in bulk.

Tank Arrangement Plan (TAP)

A very important drawing that shows the position and the data of all ship tanks. To avoid misunderstandings, the TAP must contain a sufficient number of views and cross sections.

Tank cleaning

The process of removing hydrocarbon vapours, liquids or residues.

Tank cleaning machines

see Washing machines.

Tank cleaning validation (TCV) system

The software package for the monitoring of tank cleaning, developed by Toftejorg A/S. The system provides data reports for port authorities and statistics that help to optimise the cleaning technique.

Tank cover

The protective structure intended to protect the cargo containment system against damage where it protrudes through the weather deck or to ensure the continuity and integrity of the deck structure, (IGC Code).

Tank dome

The upward extension of a portion of a cargo tank. In case of below-deck cargo containment system, the tank dome protrudes through the weather deck or through a tank cover, (IGC Code).

Tank Space Information

As built documentation of tanks.

Tank support system for high-temperature cargoes

A special tank support arrangement for use on board product tankers used for carrying asphalt, coal tar and molten sulphur at high temperature.


Tankers are ships carrying liquid cargoes in bulk; crude oil, oil products, chemicals, liquefied gases, molten sulphur, even orange juice.

Target useful life (painting)

The target value, in years, of the durability for which the coating system is designed.


A waterproof canvas covering for a hatch or other purpose.

Taut wire system

The method of position finding which gives the position from the angle of a taut wire towards the davit.

Technical Data Sheet (painting)

Paint manufactures’ Product Data Sheet which contains detailed technical instruction and information relevant to the coating and its application.

Technical file of an engine

A record containing all detailed parameters, including components and settings of an engine, which may influence the NOx emission, in accordance with the NOx Technical Code.

Telecommunications cable

It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 10mm to 80mm in diameter. Due to its inherent nature, the cable, especially in smaller diameters, is easily damaged. The radius that the cable can be bent to is usually restricted to a minimum of 1.5m.

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