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Machinery spaces

All machinery spaces of category A and all other spaces containing propulsion machinery, boilers, oil fuel units, steam and internal combustion engines, generators and major electrical machinery, oil filling stations, refrigerating, stabilizing....

Machinery spaces of category A

Those spaces and trunks to such spaces which contain either: 1. Internal combustion machinery used for the main propulsion, 2. Internal combustion machinery used for purpose other than...

Magna flux

A nondestructive examination of steel for surface and subsurface defects employing a dry or wet iron powder and a source setting up magnetic fields in the metal.

Magnetic particle test

A nondestructive testing technique using a mixture of iron filings in thin white paint which is spread over the surface to be examined.

Maiden voyage

The first voyage of a new ship after handing over to the owner.

Main engine lubricating oil system

This system supplies lubricating oil to the engine bearings, and cooling oil to the pistons.

Main generating station

The space in which the main source of electrical power is situated, (acc. to SOLAS Chapter II-1, Part A).

Main propulsion power

The total power supplied by the prime movers installed to provide propulsion.

Main source of electrical power

A source intended to supply electrical power to the main switchboard for distribution to all services necessary for maintaining the ship in normal operational and habitable condition, (acc. to SOLAS, Chapter II-1, Part A).

Main vertical zones

These sections into which the hull, superstructure, and deckhouses are divided by “A” class divisions, the mean length of which on any deck does not in general exceed 40 m, (SOLAS).


The ability to carry out rapid and effective system restoration to keep the equipment at a specified level of performance.


A series of procedures aimed at preserving the function of an engineering structure or a piece of equipment throughout its expected lifetime.

Maintenance costs

The costs incurred in keeping equipment in an operational condition.

Maintenance of class

Classed ships are submitted to surveys for the maintenance of class, confirmation, or renewal of their term.

Maintenance tools

Maintenance of specific equipment requires special tools. Some of them are supplied with the equipment and others are available through service stations or for direct purchase by the customer.

Maintenance work

Any action carried out to return or restore an item to an acceptable standard.

Major failure of tanker

Deformation or rupture of a cargo tank, usually due to overpressurisation or underpressurisation.

Mandel shackle

A special shackle used to connect a wire mooring line to a synthetic tail.


A round or oval hole cut in decks, tanks, etc, for providing access. Low manholes are used usually. Flush manholes can be installed in cargo hold walls, or inner bottom.

Manifest, Cargo Manifest

1. A list of all cargo on board. 2. A term used also for passengers list on cruise vessels, passenger ferries, etc.

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