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The most comprehensive assessment of power requirements for a new ship is obtained by conducting experiments with a model hull and propeller in a towing tank.

Modified atmosphere

Fruit and vegetables can be transported in a nitrogen reach atmosphere in order to slow down the ripening process.

Molten sulphur/bitumen tanker FS CHARLOTTE

Designed by Delta Marine, of Istanbul, the 11,000dwt combined molten suplhur and bitumen tanker is one of only very few vessels of this type in service worldwide.


The attempt of a force to turn a body. It is usually measured by the product of the force and the length of lever.

Moment of inertia, mass moment of inertia

The product of the mass and the square of its perpendicular distance from the axis considered, which is summed for all the elements in the body considered.

Moment of statical stability

The moment which will try to return a ship to upright position when she is inclined.


Act of checking equipment and surroundings constantly in order to detect changes.

Monitoring system

A system designed to supervise the operational status of machinery or systems by means of instruments which provide displays of parameters and alarms indicating abnormal operating conditions.

Monitoring workstation

Workstation from where equipment and environment can be checked constantly.

Montreal Protocol

“The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer”, 1987, and the respective adjustments/amendments 1990 to 1999.


A large opening through the deck and bottom of drill ships, diving support vessels or well intervention vessels, allowing to lower tools and instruments into the sea.


Securing a ship at a pier or elsewhere by several lines or cables to limit her movement.

Mooring and Towing Manual

A novel document with index and characteristics of machinery, equipment, shipboard fittings and ropes available for mooring and towing. It must be available on board for the guidance of the Master.

Mooring arrangement, mooring pattern, mooring layout

The geometric arrangement of mooring lines between the ship and the berth. See also Arrangement of chocks and bitts for transit of Panama Canal.

Mooring drums

Mooring drums may be either split or undivided. For either type of drum, the diameter should be 16 times the wire rope diameter.

Mooring equipment

Mooring equipment includes mooring winches, anchor windlasses, chain stoppers, fairleads and capstans.

Mooring fittings, shipboard fittings

Bollards and bitts, fairleads, stand rollers and chocks used for the normal mooring of the ship and similar components used for the normal towing of the ship.

Mooring lines

Lines (or cables) used to secure a ship at a berth. Mooring lines should be arranged as symmetrically as possible about the midship point of the ship.

Mooring restrain

The capability of a mooring system to resist external forces on the ship.

Mooring retention

Number of mooring lines by line breaking strength.

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