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Mooring trials

Testing of main propulsion machinery with the ship moored.

Mooring winch

A winch with a drum which is used for hauling in or letting the mooring wires go. A warp end is also fitted to assists in moving the ship.

Mooring winch brake

The brake is the heart of the mooring winch, since the brake secures the drum and consequently the mooring line at the shipboard end.

Mooring winch brake design capacity, brake holding capacity

The percentage of the minimum breaking load (MBL) of a new mooring rope or wire it carries, at which the winch brake is designed to render.

Mooring winches

Mooring winches secure the shipboard end of mooring lines, provide for adjustment of the mooring line length and compensate for changes in draft and tide.

Mooring winches drives

The power source for the winch systems can be low-pressure hydraulic, high-pressure hydraulic, frequency-converter drive or pole-change electric drive.

Moss Rossenberg system

The LNG cargo containment system developed by Moss Rosenberg Verft. The system features self-supporting spherical tanks connected at the equator to a single cylindrical supporting skirt, the lower portion of which is welded to the ship structure.

Motor enclosures

A casing provided according to the location of the motor, e.g. flameproof, drip-proof, hose-proof.

Motor starter

An electronic controller for starting a motor from rest, accelerating it up to normal running speed and also stopping it.

Moulded breadth extreme

The maximum horizontal breadth of any frame section. The term breadth and beam are synonymous.

Moulded depth

The perpendicular distance in a transverse plane from the top of the flat keel to the underside of deck plating at the ship side.

Moulded lines

Lines defining the geometry of a hull as a surface without thickness; structural members are related to the moulded lines according to the standard practice, e.g. the inside surface of flush shell plating is on the moulded line.

Mud-box, strum box

A coarse strainer with a straight tailpipe down to the bilge.

Multifunctional Subsea Operation Vessels

Vessels developed for monitoring, supporting and subsea operation services.

Multiple-container lifting

To reduce container loading and discharging times up to three containers are connected as a stack by twistlocks, and are lifted together as so-called “vertical tandem lift unit”.

Multi-purpose carrier NEPTUN TRADER

The NEPTUN TRADER is one of 10 NEPTUN 30-type dry cargo vessels designed by Neptun Stahl (Germany) and built by Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding Co.Ltd (China).

Multi-purpose dry cargo vessel

Usually a smaller ship with one or two box-shaped holds, reinforced tanktop (15-20t/m2) to allow heavy and project cargoes, often fitted with a removable tweendeck.

Multi-purpose dry cargo vessel INNOGY SPRITE

The 19,300 dwt vessel was completed by Damen Shipyards and delivered to Carisbrooke Shipping Limited in 2003.

Multi-purpose/forest product carrier SUOMIGRACHT

Transportation of forest products, such as paper, pulp and sawn timber is a core activity of the Dutch owner Spliethoff which manages more than 55 multi-purpose tweendeck cargo vessels.


A cover permanently fitted above a ventilator located in the weather deck, usually round and of larger diameter than the ventilator.

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