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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Means of rescue (MOR)


Means for rapidly recovering survivors from water and transferring them from rescue units or survival craft to the ship, (mandatory for each ro-ro passenger ship).

AB Welin's MOR system  – The system is based on a floating rigid rescue platform which is suspended by four individual wire falls from a pair of davit arms mounted on a deck above. The four wire falls increase stability and safety and eliminate the risk of platform rotation. The MOR, made of sea resistant aluminium, is equipped with handrails, protection nets, and two boarding ramps. The system is ready for immediate use all the time and can be deployed in less than one minute by one crewmember. In a rescue operation, the selfdraining platform is lowered to water level where it can be loaded with people from the water, a small boat or from a rescue craft. The loaded platform is then hoisted to the deck level where the people are transferred to the vessel.