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Pipe tunnel

The void space running in the midships fore and aft lines between the inner bottom and shell plating forming a space for ballast, bilge and/or fuel lines.

Pipelay/Heavy Lift vessel SEVEN BOREALIS

SEVEN BOREALIS is 182.2m long, with a breadth of 46.2m, and an operating draft of 8.5-11.35m.


J-lay method - One method for installing subsea pipelines in deepwater is by J-lay installation.

Pipelaying system of the MIDNIGHT EXPRESS

Deepwater installation vessel MIDNIGHT EXPRESS was converted from a former LASH barge by the Canadian shipyard Davie Maritime in Quebec.


A primarily horizontal pipe lying on, near or beneath the seabed normally used for the transportation of hydrocarbon products, (ABS).

Pipeline bundles

Arrangement of two or more pipelines laid parallel and directly contiguous.

Pipeline End Terminations (PLET)

A significant part of pipelying vessel time is used for special operations like PLET handling or diameter changes.

Pipeline system

An integrated set of sub-sea flowlines and pipelines including pertinent instrumentation, foundation, coatings, anchors, etc, (ABS).


Pipes are pressure-tight cylinders used to contain and convey fluids.

Piping components

Pipes, tubes, valves, fittings, flanges, gaskets, bolting, hoses, expansion joints, sight flow glasses, filters, strainers, instruments connected to pipes, etc.

Piping system

A network of piping designed and assembled to serve a specific purpose. Piping systems interface, but exclude, major equipment, such as boilers, pressure vessels, tanks, engines, turbine etc.


A cylindrical metal item which reciprocates within a cylinder. It may move as a resultof fluid pressure as in an engine, or it can compress a fluid, as in a pump or compressor.

Piston crown

Piston head – The upper part of a piston exposed to hot gases in an engine.

Piston ring

A rectangular cross-section ring of cast iron which is cut to enable fitting over a piston. The ring fits into a groove and creates a gas tight fit of the piston when moving up and down in the cylinder.

Piston skirt

A thin cylinder of material fitted at the bottom end of a piston. It serves to close the ports in a two-stroke engine.

Pitquard anode

A sacrificial anode placed just above the tank bottom in order to mitigate the general and pitting corrosion process.


Wood covering for decks, etc.

Planning craft

The vehicle with the hull suitably shaped to develop the hydrodynamic forces during forward motion, sufficient to support the craft with a substantial proportion of the hull out of the water.

Planning terminal

The bridge workstation, remote from the operational area of the bridge, which allows for the planning of routes and preparation of user-defined charts and radar maps.

Plasma-arc cutting

A process used primarily for the cutting out of steel components from plate in the workshop.

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