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A person on board a vessel at sea who is neither the master, a member of the crew nor engaged in any way in the business of the ship. A child under one year of age is not considered to be a passenger.

Passenger spaces

Spaces provided for the accommodation and usage of passengers, excluding baggage, store, provision and mailrooms, (SOLAS).

Passenger/cargo ship FINNMARKEN

The FINNMARKEN is a cruise ship that can carry vehicles and both dry and refrigerated cargoes.

PaxCar ferry MARTIN i SOLER

The ferry features a hull topped with a virtually full length superstructure containing four decks laid out with public rooms and cabins for 1164 passengers and 36 crew. Drivers are catered for separately with 4x4 berth cabins.


Freight-carrying capacity of a ship.

Pedestal roller fairlead, pedestal roller guide

A roller fairlead usually operating in a horizontal plane. Its function is to change the direction of lead of a mooring or of other line on a deck.

Pelagic freezer trawler AFRIKA

The pelagic freezer stern trawler AFRIKA is designed to operate in the tropics, fishing mainly for sardinella and horse mackerel.

Pelagic species

Fish living above the bottom levels, predominantly such as herring and mackerel.


The patented hull form developed by Nigel Gee and Associates Ltd.


A seawater- and oil-resistant rubber compound used for sterntube lip seals.

Performance Standards for Protective Coatings (PSPC)

The new industry guidance contained in the IMO Resolution MSC.215(82) provides requirements for protective coatings in dedicated seawater ballast tanks in all types of ships and double-side spaces of bulk carriers.

Period of roll

The time necessary for one complete double oscillation or roll of a ship as from port to starboard and back to port.

Periodical hull surveys

Annual, intermediate and special surveys. The purpose of the annual and intermediate surveys is to confirm that the general condition of the vessel is maintained at a satisfactory level.

Permanent magnet motor

The electrical motor of the novel type. It promises high powers at relatively low weights. However, it always requires a converter.

Permanent set, deflection of seal

After the seal has been in service for some time, the rubber loses some of its elasticity and has a permanent groove visible on the sealing face, measured in mm.

Permeability of the space

There are many different spaces and compartments on board a ship. Some of them could be quite empty, others can house some equipment, and therefore its different parts can be occupied by water in case of flooding.

Personnel capsule

A manned, non-self-propelled submersible tethered unit consisting of one or more chambers. All of them are maintained at an internal pressure near one atmosphere.

Personnel evacuation system

The method of evacuation from an oil rig in very severe weather conditions. The system consists of a cable car running between a specially equipped support vessel and the oil rig.


Crude oil and liquid hydrocarbon derived from it.

Petroleum gas

A gas evolved from petroleum. The main components of petroleum gases are hydrocarbons, but they may also contain other substances, such as hydrogen sulphide or lead alkyls as minor constituents.

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