Innovating for sustainable societies

Smart Marine, a vision for the future

Wärtsilä’s purpose is to enable sustainable societies with smart technologies. As a global leader in complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets, Wärtsilä plays a key role in providing environmentally sound solutions and services that enable its customers to develop their businesses in a sustainable way. This requires continuous investment in technology development and an on-going search for new solutions.

Innovation and product development, and the willingness to explore new technologies are essential for meeting current customer needs, as well as for being prepared for future requirements, and remaining an industrial frontrunner. Wärtsilä develops environmentally sound products and solutions across a broad front, including technologies related to efficiency improvement, the reduction of gaseous and liquid emissions, waste reduction, noise abatement, as well as effluent and ballast water treatment. The company's proactive approach to meeting future demand has resulted in the development of both primary and secondary abatement technologies, and has broadened the range of usable fuels. Wärtsilä actively seeks to utilise opportunities provided by the digital transformation taking place in the maritime and energy sectors.

Key features of Wärtsilä’s environmentally sound solutions include:

  • Reliability, safety and  long life span
  • Low emissions
  • The ability to utilise renewable energy, including storage systems
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Efficiency improvement with lower life-cycle costs
  • Low water consumption
  • Optimization of vessel design and operations

Wärtsilä’s commitment to investing in research and product development benefits both its customers as well as the environment, both in the short-term and over a longer time span. The growth in the world's energy needs, combined with increasingly stringent environmental requirements and the scarcity of natural resources, create a challenging operating climate for the marine and power sectors. Wärtsilä focuses on improving the energy efficiency of its products, while simultaneously striving to reduce their emissions. As part of its sustainable innovation approach, Wärtsilä seeks to create solutions that benefit the whole power system and marine ecosystem.

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