Innovating for sustainability

Wärtsilä’s purpose is to enable sustainable societies with smart technology. As a global forerunner in decarbonising the marine and energy markets, we continuously invest in sustainable innovation and product development to deliver digital solutions and smart technologies that focus on customer needs, and which exceed regulatory requirements.

Creating a sustainable future through R&D

At Wärtsilä, we are committed to helping minimise the environmental footprint of the maritime and energy industries. A substantial proportion of the investments made in product and solution development is targeted at supporting customers in the industries’ efforts to achieve decarbonisation. This includes a shift towards the use of carbon neutral fuels, such as bio and synthetic fuels, and adopting digital innovations and advanced data analytics systems for more efficient and safe operations.

We develop technologies in all our businesses that comply with, and even exceed, ever more stringent sustainability targets. These include technologies related to efficiency improvement, fuel flexibility, the reduction of gaseous and liquid emissions, waste treatment, noise abatement, hybrid and energy storage systems, as well as effluent and ballast water treatment. Our proactive approach to meeting future demand has resulted in the development of both primary and secondary abatement technologies and has broadened the range of usable fuels. With the help of intelligent digital solutions and services, data can be collected, analysed, monitored and reported, allowing us to optimise operations and reduce emissions.

Key features of our environmental solutions and services

The key features of our environmental solutions and services include:

  • Low emission and noise levels
  • High efficiency
  • Digital intelligence
  • System level optimisation
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Renewable energy integration with engines and storage systems
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • Low water consumption
  • Lifecycle support and optimisation
  • Reliability, safety, and a long lifespan

By combining these key features and understanding the system level benefits of our offering, we are able to provide solutions that further the development of sustainable shipping and power systems.