Products and environmental aspects

Wärtsilä’s main role in sustainability is to supply environmentally sound solutions and services, which enable its customers to develop their business in a sustainable way. This requires continuous investment in technology development and an on-going search for new solutions.

Wärtsilä gives strong priority to developing and applying technologies that reduce the environmental impacts of its products. In order to meet the needs of our customers, be prepared for future requirements, and remain an industrial frontrunner, Wärtsilä’s product development must be at all times innovative, determined, and willing to explore new technologies. We strive to develop environmentally sound products and solutions across a wide front, including technologies related to efficiency improvement, the reduction of gaseous and liquid emissions, waste reduction, noise abatement and effluent treatment. With a proactive approach to meeting future demands, Wärtsilä has developed both primary and secondary technologies and broadened the range of usable fuels.

Key features of Wärtsilä’s environmentally sound solutions include:

  • Reliability, safety and long life-time
  • Solutions to reduce emissions
  • Alternatives to heavy fuel oil
  • Flexibility in fuel use
  • Solutions to maximise efficiency with lowest life-cycle cost
  • Solutions to minimise the water consumption
  • Optimization of vessel design and operations

Investing in research and product development benefits Wärtsilä’s customers as well as the environment, both in the short-term and over a longer time span. Growth in the world’s energy needs, combined with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, creates a challenging operating climate for companies in Wärtsilä’s line of business. Wärtsilä has responded to these challenges by improving the energy efficiency of its products while simultaneously reducing their emissions.

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