Environmental management


The continual improvement in environmental performance requires the organisation to consistently work in a systematic way. This work is guided by the company’s strategy and its environmental targets, the Code of Conduct, and policies relating to Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, and it is co-ordinated and monitored by the cross-business EHSS Management team. In developing its operations, processes, and products, Wärtsilä endeavours to utilise the latest technologies available for improving efficiency in areas such as material and energy consumption, as well as for reducing and managing emissions and waste throughout the lifecycle of its products and services.

Wärtsilä continuously develops and improves its operations and products with the help of certified environmental management systems. Our principle is to apply certified EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) management systems based on ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 in all Group companies, excluding those companies focusing purely on sales. These units are required to apply Wärtsilä’s internal EHS model. Our EHS management systems cover all the operations of our subsidiaries, which means that we are able to promote environmental protection and reduce adverse impacts on a wide front.

The company’s EHS management system focuses especially on compliance with legal requirements, identifying and reducing environmental aspects, impacts and risks, training personnel and clearly defining their responsibilities, full documentation of activities and procedures, action in emergencies, and continuous improvement of environmental performance. The company’s subsidiaries set their own targets covering significant environmental aspects of their operations, and monitor the overall performance of the management systems.

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