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Shortening the journey to a more efficient tanker

Oil, gas and chemical tankers are critical to resource distribution worldwide and the business model is highly cost sensitive meaning that every element of a tanker needs to deliver above and beyond. Ensuring costs are reduced and efficiency is increased to deliver the best possible Time Charter Equivalent rate is achieved is critical.

Wärtsilä has a long history of delivering efficient solutions that reduce costs - from fuel efficiency and future fuel solutions to route optimisation solutions and also increase efficiency for example predictive maintenance that can prevent unplanned interruptions in chartered voyages. 

We appreciate that there are often 2 forces at play in the tanker segment – an owner and a charterer.  Each are striving for the best deal possible.  This is where Wartsila can support both sides of the equation with:

  • Fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility - reduced fuel costs and increase vessel resale value
  • Remove unplanned down time – reduce unscheduled maintenance and associated costs and increase operational productivity
  • Efficient route management – reduce fuel consumption by as much as 5% and ensure Just in time arrival enabling reduced speed and crew costs.
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Teekay shuttle tanker

A Design Revolution

Wärtsilä has collaborated with TEEKAY to apply a broad range of solutions for a new tanker class that reduces not only the environmental impact from the vessel itself but from the cargo too. Developing the new E-Shuttle tanker concept together with TEEKAY required a total departure from the traditional shuttle tanker systems.

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Energy efficiency for the marine industry

Improving efficiency is a known requirement but how can this be achieved.  In this short video we explore how to decrease energy consumption to increase profitability and at the same time reduce emissions

Market trends in the Merchant Shipping industry

Pressure on owners and managers in the merchant fleet is increasing and identifying ways to reduce costs is central to relieving some of this pressure. Explore some of the short term solutions available to achieve this in this video.


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Arriving just in time for the future

Late arrival of ships is a costly problem. But Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine technologies and port automation...
2 January 2020
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The green energy of the future could...

There are currently 10,240 tankers hauling 3.8 billion gallons of crude oil around the world. We rely...
30 December 2019
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Delivering on a deal that revolutionises...

In October, Anglo-Eastern agreed with Wärtsilä on a programme to digitalise its global fleet of more...
20 December 2019
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Optimising costs while reducing pollution

Shipping remains the most cost-effective, energy efficient, and sustainable means of transporting the...
28 August 2019
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New shuttle tanker beats the emissions...

A new shuttle tanker concept developed by TEEKAY using Wärtsilä’s marine solutions expertise is setting...
22 June 2018
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