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Bulk carriers
increase ship capacity and maximise cargo loads

Propelling future proofed Bulk Carriers

To minimise the risk of redundancy and reduce operational costs, bulk carriers require a fuel efficient, highly reliable propulsion system. Our smaller compact design reduces the solution footprint to increase ship capacity and maximise cargo loads. Additionally, our propulsion systems achieve higher engine loads, which further reduces fuel consumption and provides a much more efficient power generation for hotel loads with PTOs even in ports. This further reduces emissions during docking and the need for additional auxiliary gensets resulting in a much more cost-effective solution package.

Before any project begins, Wärtsilä will undertake a thorough analysis of various technologies and designs to meet your exact vessel specifications. To ensure, easy installation, reduced downtime and a much shorter build time.

Energy efficiency for the marine industry

Improving efficiency is a known requirement but how can this be achieved.  In this short video we explore how to decrease energy consumption to increase profitability and at the same time reduce emissions

Market trends in the Merchant Shipping industry

Pressure on owners and managers in the merchant fleet is increasing and identifying ways to reduce costs is central to relieving some of this pressure. Explore some of the short term solutions available to achieve this in this video.


7 ways to make a ship smarter, leaner...

Wärtsilä helps ship owners and operators get more bang for their buck from onboard assets. Wondering...
8 January 2020
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Arriving just in time for the future

Late arrival of ships is a costly problem. But Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine technologies and port automation...
2 January 2020
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Shaft generators enable emissions-free...

Shaft generators generate power from a ship's main engines, but are now also being used to reduce emissions.
3 December 2019
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Ultramax 2030: Next generation shipping

Ship owners can now have vessels that that are affordable, compliant with the IMO’s 2030 emission targets...
16 October 2019
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Optimising costs while reducing pollution

Shipping remains the most cost-effective, energy efficient, and sustainable means of transporting the...
28 August 2019
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Why propulsion efficiency is the name...

By focusing on optimising the lifecycle efficiency of ships, Wärtsilä's role as a full-service provider...
14 March 2018
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