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We appreciate your interest in Wärtsilä solutions. Please have a look at the material provided below. These are suggestions and recommendations from us. We hope that this can be the basis for further discussions and eventually a proposal for you.

This is how a power plant could look based on your selections

  • Power plant visualisation

Here is a visualisation of a power plant that is of similar size as you selected (click on the image to view full screen). When we deepen our discussions we can provide a layout visualisation that is according to the exact specifications of your power plant project.

Suggested range of engines

Suggested range of engines

Based on your selections we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our range of liquid fuel engines. Once we have a deeper understanding of your power plant needs we can further define which specific engine model is most suitable for your power plant project.

The main products in our liquid fuel engine range are presented here: 

Wärtsilä 32 liquid fuel - agility and flexibility combined with high efficiency over the whole load range and in any operating profile makes this plant excellent for both flexible baseload and peak load, and also for supporting the grid with a variety of ancillary services.

Read more about Wärtsilä 32 liquid fuel  

Wärtsilä 32 grid stability/emergency liquid fuel engine - the most flexible power plant in all aspects, always ready to deliver power to the grid instantly and efficiently, on any fuel. This makes the plant perfect for peaking and reserve power applications in any current or future fuel supply environment.
Read more about Wärtsilä 32 grid stability/emergency  

Wärtsilä 46 and 50DF liquid fuel engines - High efficiency and power on any liquid fuel combined with high reliability and flexibility make this solution perfect for flexible baseload applications including daily starts and stops, also providing ancillary services like up– and down– regulation.

Read more about Wärtsilä 46-50DF

Customer references

  • Mansourah-Massarah, Saudi Arabia
    A hybrid solution for reliable, sustainable power generation

    Mansourah-Massarah, Saudi Arabia

  • Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania
    Reliable power generation in a remote off-grid location in Tanzania.

    Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania

  • SYAMA, Mali
    The first order of the new Wärtsilä modular block solution to Aggreko to power Resolute’s Syama gold mine in Mali.

    SYAMA, Mali

  • Malicounda, Senegal
    With 450 MW of installed capacity in Senegal, Wärtsilä is the country’s leading provider of power generation equipment. The Matelec company placed an order for the delivery of an energy efficient 130 MW Flexicycle™ power plant. This investment will enable Senegal to achieve its goal of reducing consumer electricity pricing.

    Malicounda, Senegal

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia has diversified its economy and today it produces and exports a variety of industrial goods all over the world as the world’s largest oil producer and exporter.

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Yue Yuen, P.R. of China
    When the Pou Chen Group decided to build a new industry park in Dong Guan City in Guang Dong Province, China, they decided that they needed their own power plant that would grow in pace with the park’s development. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to do as they knew the park’s planned growth rate.

    Yue Yuen, P.R. of China

  • Nishat, Pakistan
    Wärtsilä was awarded two EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contracts by Nishat Power Ltd. (NPL) and Nishat Chunian Power Ltd. (NCPL) from Pakistan in 2008.

    Nishat, Pakistan

  • Dr Bird I and II, Jamaica
    Wärtsilä Corporation won a repeat order for a 50 MW power barge from the Caribbean island of Jamaica in April 2005. It joined the existing 74 MW Wärtsilä power barge delivered ten years before.

    Dr Bird I and II, Jamaica

More about flexible engine-technology

More about flexible engine-technology

The gas and multi-fuel brochure gives you deeper insights into how a gas power plant works.

Read more about liquid fuel power plants

Wärtsilä EPC know-how available for you!

Wärtsilä EPC know-how

Wärtsilä’s wide range of project service options offer an unbeatable advantage to any power plant project. With 30 years of experience from projects in more than 90 countries, we can prove that our project management, engineering, procurement, installation and construction, logistics and commissioning services are of the highest quality and lowest risk.

Read more about project services

Wärtsilä services as your partner in power plant operations and maintenance

Wärtsilä services as your partner in power plant operations and maintenance

An operation & maintenance solution with Wärtsilä means entering into a partnership, agreeing on and working towards shared productivity and profitability goals for your company.

Customer benefits:

  • Wärtsilä responsible for operation & maintenance
  • Lifecycle cost guarantee
  • Risk management
  • Optimised operation and ensured performance
  • Maximised productive lifetime of the installation
  • Maximised return on investment
  • Latest information on product development and technical upgrades
  • Read more about our operations and maintenance services

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