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    Project services

    Wärtsilä project services and offerings

Project services for power plants

We at Wärtsilä believe that the service solutions that surround a power plant project are as equally important as the power plant itself. This is why our project services match the high standards that are set for the power plant and energy solutions we offer.

Wärtsilä’s project services are executed with speed and predictability thanks to our vast experience and proven service concepts combining innovation and quality. They are carried out in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders and with a flexible scope that fits all unique needs, placing the customer at the core of what we do.

Wärtsilä’s wide range of project service options offer an unbeatable advantage to any power plant project. With 30 years of experience from projects in more than 90 countries, we can prove that our project management, engineering, procurement, installation and construction, logistics and commissioning services are of the highest quality and lowest risk.


With more than 30 years of experience in delivering complex projects around the world, Wärtsilä is well-positioned to execute both EPC and Equipment Delivery contracts.

Development & financial services

Our dedicated Wärtsilä Development & Financial Services unit (WDFS) supports clients with advice and assistance in deal structuring and financing. It also develops independent power producer (IPP) projects based on Wärtsilä internal combustion engine technology and know-how with a focus on environmentally responsible power projects with sound financing structures.

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Wärtsilä project services

At Wärtsilä we believe that there are no two identical customers, and that all customers are to be treated under the same standards of quality and excellence. For that matter, we are highly flexible and willing to adapt to each customer’s needs, providing a wide range of project options. Wärtsilä offers quality-guaranteed project management, engineering, procurement, logistics, installation & construction, and commissioning services to a wide scale of projects and customer needs.

    Project Management

    Project Management Service

    Wärtsilä is a proven and experienced EPC contractor and supplier with an extensive track record of successfully executed projects. Our interdisciplinary team consists of more than 250 project managers and project engineers, including 100+ PMI certified professionals, who are coupled with competent project control and planning teams. Wärtsilä deliveries are on time, ensuring that all projects proceed according to schedule. We utilize the benefits of best practices developed over the years within Wärtsilä to ensure a successful implementation each unique project, every time, anywhere on the globe.

    • Customer focus, collaboration and communication (including a Customer Relation On-Line CROL® process)
    • Prudent, professional project management methodology based on multiple standards, including: Project Management Institute (PMI) standards, PMBOK® Guide, ISO 21500 & ISO 10005, HSE standards OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001
    • ISO9001 Quality Management System
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    Engineering service

    Wärtsilä offers proven and optimized engineering solutions based on the specific conditions and requirements of each site. The vast experience and expertise of our engineering team is complemented with modern engineering tools and information systems as well as proven engineering partners to provide a professional and quality-assured engineering management process. When using Wärtsilä’s proven solutions and engineering expertise, risks are reduced and costs optimised to provide maximum value to the customer.

    • Document Control Management (DCM365) tool is used to manage collaboration, submittals and interfaces between project stakeholders
    • Design documentation ensures efficient construction and commissioning
    • Wärtsilä modularized concepts shorten project lead time


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    Procurement service

    Wärtsilä’s procurement service is based around reliable and accurate deliveries from selected suppliers in our established global supply network. A systematic quality assurance and control process ensures on-time deliveries to Wärtsilä’s power plant construction projects. Our professional procurement and efficient sourcing processes result in guaranteed performance to our customers.

    • Established global supply network for equipment and materials developed into an integrated plant concept
    • Equipment and materials in compliance with regulations
    • ISO9001 Quality Management System


    Wärtsilä procurement service


    Logistics service

    The Wärtsilä logistics service is a professional transport management service consisting of a global network of reliable partners. Wärtsilä logistics services are capable of executing demanding heavyweight transports timely and safely with the required experience and knowledge on optimal transportation of Wärtsilä equipment. The deliveries are therefore reliable, safe and in accordance to agreed delivery terms.

    • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certification 
    • Customer communication and progress reports
    • Logistics information management using LogWis information system



    Installation & Construction

    Installation and construction service

    Wärtsilä’s experienced construction management team is made up of over 400 engineers and a selection of qualified subcontractors that together execute coordinated and supervised construction and installation projects globally. Wärtsilä implements a sustainable construction methodology together with high quality solutions and materials in our projects. For equipment delivery contracts, Wärtsilä offers professional site advisory services for construction. Wärtsilä installation and construction services provide quality assurance and full compliance to HSE terms.

    • Certified HSE Management System OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001
    • Quality Assurance using Site Quality Assurance and Documentation (SQAD) system
    • Management of Construction Site Information (DCM 365, Site 365 and LogWis)



    Commissioning service

    The Wärtsilä commissioning service include the validation of the functions and performance of the installed equipment as well as the system and entire plant, with a focus on the quality and safety of the application. Our commissioning services are carried out by professional and experienced Wärtsilä commissioning engineers that use a proven commission management methodology. In equipment delivery contracts, professional commissioning advisory services are included. Our experience and knowhow on the testing and commissioning of Wärtsilä equipment guarantees timely and safe project completion with guaranteed performance that is validated on-site.

    • Progress reporting and close collaboration with the customer
    • Pre-defined tests and documented procedures
    • Quality Assurance using Site Quality Assurance and Documentation (SQAD) system
    • Information management system (DCM 365 and Site 365)



    Project services scope


    Project services references

    Energy service projects face many unique challenges, limitations and specific needs each time they are carried out. With Wärtsilä's experience of over 30 years that includes more than 500 EPC projects and 4700 power plant deliveries in over 90 countries globally, the success of this project is guaranteed.


    The Jordanian IPP3 power plant serves as a great example of outstanding collaboration and compromise: the cooperation between Wärtsilä and affiliates has allowed for a competitive EPC price for the plant, an efficient bidding process and a shorter gestation period from start to finish. The first 16 peak load-bearing engines were operational in as little as 16 months, while the entire plant was up-and-running in no more than 24 months. 

    Jordan IPP3 Power Plant Case


    With the Arun power plant project in Indonesia, Wärtsilä worked closely with Finnvera and Standard Chartered Bank to arrange financing through export credits and to secure a loan agreement at attractive interest rates. Wärtsilä’s support in arranging financing has also helped to expedite the project: Arun is being built on a fast-track basis of around 18 months from contract signing to full commissioning.

    Indonesia Arun Power Plant Case


    The LNG Terminal project in Tornio, Finland features unique challenges such as the need for development support, strict environmental legislation, as well as the need for financing support through selected Export Credit Agencies (ECA's). In addition, the turnkey EPC project also includes complete unloading, storing and regasification equipment for LNG, as well as a 10 year maintenance and service agreement.

    Tornio LNG Infrastructure Case