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Freshwater generator, freshwater distiller


A unit used for conversion of seawater into fresh water by vacuum distillation based on evaporation and condensation. Single-stage freshwater generator consists of a chamber with two titanium plate packs acting as an evaporator and a condenser respectively. A vacuum of 85-95% is maintained in the system by a brine/air ejector. Seawater evaporates at a temperature of approximately 40°C due to the vacuum condition as it passes between the plates of evaporator heated by hot fresh water from the engine jacket cooling system, or by steam. Generators can be equipped with disinfection units (Chlorination, UV-radiation and Silver ionization), pH-adjustment and rehardening filters.

 - The seawater pump is enabled through a control panel.

- After passing the condenser section the seawater will flow through the air-brine ejector.

- A small part of the seawater flow is used as feed water to the evaporation section, where it is then divided into each second channels.

- Through a suction process the air-brine ejector removes the air from inside the casing and the excesive feed water.

- After maximum of 5 minutes a vacuum of approx 90% is reached.

- Open the valves on the hot water inlet and outlet piping line.

- The evaporation of the feed water will start immediately.

- The vapour will flow through the demister and will be condensed in the condenser section.

- Please start the freshwater pump after a maximum of 2 minutes after opening for the hot water line.

Freshwater generator, freshwater distiller
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