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The Wärtsilä HY is a fully integrated hybrid power module combining engines, an energy storage system, and power electronics optimised to work together through a newly developed energy management system. It is the marine sector’s first hybrid power module of this type produced, thereby establishing a new industry benchmark in marine hybrid propulsion.

Through combining its unique range of in-house competences, Wärtsilä has turned a complex system into an innovative single product that delivers unrivalled and guaranteed performance. The Wärtsilä HY power module is tailor-designed for individual vessel market segments and can be optimized for specific operating profiles, thanks to a new generation energy management system (EMS).

The new EMS represents the latest generation integrated control system, and has been specifically designed for this application. It creates an outstanding means of interaction with the ship’s onboard systems.

The Wärtsilä HY ensures that the overall vessel performance is greatly improved compared to operating on conventional machinery solutions or hybrid solutions, while the higher level of redundancy promotes increased safety. Other benefits include instantaneous load acceptance with rapid response to step-load changes, entire system certification and guaranteed performance.

    Key Benefits 
    • Guaranteed module performance
    • Instant load taking capability
    • No visible smoke under all normal conditions
    • Green mode (zero emissions)
    • Optimized plant dimensioning
    • Built-in redundancy
    • Reduced maintenance (less cylinder-hours, reduced stress to the components)
    • Increased efficiency (lower fuel consumption, fewer emissions)
    • Possible future upgrades (EMS fine-tuning / increased battery capacity)
    • Ship type optimized design and specific application tuning
    • Wärtsilä as the single supplier
    Technical data

    In order to match the specific demands of different market segments, Wärtsilä HY comes in highly customizable forms.

    The standard mechanically driven configuration includes:

    • Main engine with on/off clutch
    • PTO/PTI on the gearbox (or in-line shaft generator/motor)
    • Energy storage system
    • DC link and power drives
    • Energy Management System
    The standard electrically driven configuration includes:
    • Generating set
    • Energy storage system
    • DC link and power drives
    • Energy Management System

    The Wärtsilä HY will have dedicated versions for each category of vessels. The first versions being made available will be designed for tugs and medium sized ferries. This is the first new product of this type launch where each individual version is dedicated to a specific market to secure an optimal fit to the requirements of each application.

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