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Turning waste into resources

All human activity creates waste. However, waste can also be a valuable resource. Excess agricultural produce, fish waste, manure, wastewater sludge, household, and restaurant waste are all perfect raw materials for production of biogas.

Biogas can be upgraded to pure biomethane (Renewable Natural Gas), which can be compressed and used as a low carbon vehicle fuel (CNG, RNG, CBG). It can also be injected into the natural gas grid, providing renewable energy to both homes and businesses. Biomethane can even be liquified to bioLNG (LBG), providing low carbon fuels for the heavy transport sectors on land and at sea.

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Our biogas experts provide turnkey solutions for biogas upgrading and liquefaction, as well as small scale natural gas liquefaction plants.  As market leader in upgrading and liquefaction, we are established with personnel in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, UK and the US – with access to Wärtsilä’s global resources and network.


  • Teknsika verken reference slide
    Tekniska verken

    The plant will reduce CO2 levels by enabling the use of clean-burning LBG instead of fossil fuels

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  • Biokraft LBG reference slide
    Biokraft LBG

    The system offers low operating costs and is energy efficient with a minimal environmental footprint

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  • Kvaers and Kong

    Wärtsilä supported Denmark’s fossil-free ambition with two large-scale biogas upgrading solutions

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  • Tervete Latvia

    Wärtsilä to provide Latvian company with biogas upgrading and liquefaction in a single turnkey solution

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  • Borås, Sweden

    Wärtsilä continues to speed energy transition with biogas upgrading and liquefaction solution for a new bioLNG plant for Sweden

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  • Green Gas Mill project, U.K

    Wärtsilä will supply biogas upgrading solutions for Green Gas mill project in the UK to turn grass into gas.

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