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The potential of bioLNG for the maritime industry

45 MIN + 15 MIN Q&A

The potential of bioLNG for the maritime industry

Shifting priorities and adapting to new realities, that is our current focus.

Whilst Covid-19 is holding the world in its grip, we should not forget about the other crisis that we are facing; climate change. Global warming, increasing emission levels and the need for a more sustainable world will not disappear and are becoming more relevant than ever, now that we realize how fragile our ecosystem is.

One of the pathways for the maritime industry, to comply with IMO 2050 is the transition of LNG to bioLNG to synthetic LNG as fuel.

In this one hour webinar, Wärtsilä invites you to learn from our experts about the potential of bioLNG for the maritime industry. Our speakers are sharing the knowledge on the current technological solutions, that are available in order to reduce emissions by using bioLNG as a fuel.

Joining this webinar will give you some insight in the use of bioLNG and the solutions available to produce it. In an interactive Q&A session you will get the answers to any outstanding questions you might have.

Key learning objectives

  • How bioLNG can help shipowners and operators to meet the target in 2030 and 2050Future
  • Fuels roadmap and the role of bioLNG
  • Hurdles to overcome that enable the use of bioLNG in the maritime industry
  • Production of bioLNG and Wärtsilä Biogas solutions offering

Our presenters

Reetta Kaila
Dr. Reetta Kaila
Director, Sustainable Fuels & Environment
Claudia Beumer
Claudia Beumer
Sales & Marketing Manager, Gas Solutions, Wärtsilä #GasBassador