Biogas:Fuelling the future

Biogas: Fuelling the future

Learn in 60 minutes how biogas can drive compliance with fuel regulations

Emission reduction, cleaner fuels and regulatory compliance. These are everyday challenges logistical companies face on a daily base. In the road, rail and maritime transport, stricter compliance rules and environmental awareness ask for a new way of looking into the fuel of choice. Biogas has the potential to solve the above challenges and be the starting point for a cleaner fuel, in compressed, gaseous and liquid form.

Please join our experts in this one hour webinar, where we would like to introduce you to the opportunities biogas can offer as fuel for the future.

Topics covered 

  • Biogas has a huge potential for decarbonizing the future
  • When producing biogas, there is an alternative to Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
  • Elaborate on our experience and increase awareness in the market that Wärtsilä offers a turn key biogas solution
Our presenters
Claudia Beumer
Claudia Beumer
Sales & Marketing Manager, Gas Solutions, Wärtsilä #GasBassador
Reetta Kaila
Dr. Reetta Kaila
Director, Sustainable Fuels & Environment
Magnus Folkelid
Sales & Marketing Manager, Global Sales, Renewable Gases, Wärtsilä