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Keeping your engines running

We provide complete global services for Wärtsilä engines, and for other makes. Whatever the application of your asset is, we understand the criticality of engines for your business. To ensure that you get the most out of your engine and installation throughout its lifetime, we offer full lifecycle support for your installation. 

Whatever questions or issues you have, we can offer support based on your situation.  For your product development and improvement projects, we can offer expert support and also perform feasibility studies. On-site technical problem solving and deep technical investigations are also part of our technical support offering, as well as online troubleshooting.

2 Stroke Engine Services Wärtsilä
Data-Driven Marine Operations & Maintenance On-demand Webinar
The engine is the core of your installation. We care for your engine like it was our own.

Maintenance & Spare parts

We supply OEM spare parts and maintenance for Wärtsilä, Sulzer and WinGD branded 2-Stroke Engines. 

We are specialists in engine systems, and will serve you whenever and wherever is needed with qualified professionals throughout the whole lifecycle of an engine.



Reduced lubrication costs for bulk carriers through Blending on Board (BOB)
Hamburg Süd
RTA Injection Timing Automation (RITA) reduces fuel consumption on container vessel
Reederei Jüngerhans
Pulse Jet System ensures stable piston running for three vessels

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