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Biogas upgrading and liquefaction

The unique Puregas biogas upgrading process recovers over 99.9% of the available methane contained in raw biogas, maximizing biomethane yields and customer revenues with very low operational costs. The biomethane is suitable for natural gas grid injection, or for liquefaction using the mini scale MR liquefaction process.

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Efficiency and environmental sustainability are two of the main pillars of Wärtsilä’s strategy for future energy use
Claudia Beumer Sales Manager, Gas Solutions

Biogas upgrading plant

The Puregas process recovers more than 99.9% of the biomethane present in the raw biogas. The plant separates the CO2 from the biogas by a process of chemical adsorption. The selective organic solvents used in this process are so efficient that the end product can contain more than 99% methane and is suitable for vehicle fuel or to be injected into the natural gas grid. As the final product is so pure there is often no requirement to enrich with propane.

Unlike other technologies the Puregas process is highly tolerant of changes to the raw gas composition resulting from changes in feedstocks.

Biogas Upgrading Plant

LNG/Bio-LNG Plants

LNG plants - Mixed Refrigerant Liquefaction


Wärtsilä offers the energy efficient Mixed Refrigerant (MR) liquefaction technology for low liquefaction capacities. Together with our fast track engineering model, this technology results in low investment costs and short manufacturing time.

Mixed Refrigerant Liquefaction
Reversed Brayton cycle liquefaction

LNG plants - Reversed Brayton cycle liquefaction


Wärtsilä’s larger liquefaction plants are easy to operate, reliable, and fully automated. They represent a low lifecycle cost solution in the small to medium size liquefaction capacity range.

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Wärtsilä offers a reliable and cost-effective technology that helps us to build the future of renewable gases.
Arne Jakobsen, Genaral Manager, Biogas Solutions


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The plant will reduce CO2 levels by enabling the use of clean-burning LBG instead of fossil fuels
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Biokraft LBG
The system offers low operating costs and is energy efficient with a minimal environmental footprint
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EGE Biogas
putting the region Oslo at the forefront of environmental innovation

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