Wärtsilä 50DF

The Wärtsilä 50DF is a four-stroke multi-fuel engine generating set. It allows instant switching to alternative fuels, should price instability or delivery challenges affect the use of the primary fuel. 

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Wärtsilä 50DF operates on the lean burn principle, which reduces peak temperatures and lowers NOx emissions considerably. High efficiency in a small footprint combined with great reliability and flexibility makes this solution ideal for various applications. Wärtsilä engine power plants can be delivered both as EPC and Equipment Delivery contracts.

Key benefits

  • Ensures energy security in operation through fuel flexibility and seamless switching between fuels
  • Can operate on natural gas or any liquid fuel, including HFO
  • Low emissions in gas mode meets even the most stringent emission limits
  • Robust, reliable genset, proven in the most challenging environments
  • Fast-starting capability which enables rapid response to fluctuations

Customer stories

  • AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station

    With plenty of wind and sun, South Australia has become a forerunner in renewable energy. A high share of renewables needs, however, to be balanced by flexible power generation. To improve its energy reliability, AGL Energy Limited, one of Australia’s leading integrated energy companies, turned to Wärtsilä for dispatchable power.

    AGL Energy Limited, Australia Barker Inlet Power Station
  • PLTD Pesanggaran, Bali

    Indonesia is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies in terms of energy consumption. With a steadily growing population of nearly 270 million and an increasing rate of urbanization, there is significant need for a reliable and guaranteed supply of power throughout the archipelago. In recent years, the country has been successful in increasing installed capacity and investments in infrastructure to both improve the reliability and efficiency of the main grids such as the Java-Grid and increase electrification of the small grids.

    Pesanggaran - Bali
  • Marquette Energy Center, USA

    When the temperature drops to –40 degrees Celsius, blackouts are not an option. In order to secure a reliable energy supply and enable more renewable energy, Marquette Board of Light and Power (MBLP) in Michigan, USA, opted for Wärtsilä Smart Power Generation technology. As an added benefit, the ultra-flexible power plant provides a new source of income by following real-time electricity prices. The dual-fuel plant replaces old coal-fired capacity.

    Marquette  Power Plant - Michigan - USA
  • Quisqueya I & II, Dominican Republic

    In September 2011, Barrick Gold Corporation acquired a majority share in a gold mine located some 100 kilometres from the Dominican capital, Santo Domingo. The mining company quickly placed an order for a state-of-the-art Wärtsilä power plant to satisfy the needs of their new power-hungry mine

    Quisqueya Power Plant - Dominican Republic

Our proudest numbers

30 sec

Connection to grid


Electrical efficiency

5 000

kW Installed capacity

The details

Technical data

Engine generating set
Cylinder configurations18V
Cylinder bore500 mm
Piston stroke580 mm
Engine speed500 rpm (50 Hz), 514 rpm (60 Hz)
Rated electrical power (kW)17 635 (50Hz) 18 190 (60Hz)
Electrical efficiency (%)GAS: 49.4 (50Hz) 49.3 (60Hz)LFO: 48.2 (50Hz) 47.7 (60Hz)
Heat rate (kJ/kWh)GAS: 7 285 (50Hz) 7 305 (60Hz)LFO: 7 474 (50Hz) 7 545 (60Hz) 
Loading and unloading
 Connected to gridFull load
Regular start time (min:sec)00:30< 5
Fast start time (min:sec)00:30< 2 
Stop time (min)1
Ramp rate (hot, load/min)> 100%
Minimun Load
Unit level10%
Plant level1%

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