Wärtsilä 50DF multi-fuel power plant

Multi-fuel operation with high efficiency, combined with high reliability and flexibility makes this solution perfect for flexible baseload applications including daily starts and stops, also providing various ancillary services.

  • Can operate on natural gas or any liquid fuel, including HFO, and switch between them while delivering power to the grid.
  • Full power can be achieved with a wide range of gas qualities.
  • Combination of low emissions in gas mode with an efficient liquid fuel mode that can use low-grade fuel oils.
  • Robust, reliable genset, proven in the most challenging environments.

Key figures

    Output & configuration
    Plant output   50-700 MW
    Configuration  3-40 x 18V50DF

    Efficiency  Gas 49  % 
     Liq. fuel  47 %
    Ramp rate >100 %/min
    Minimum load Unit level  10  %
    Plant level 1  %
    Loading & unloading

    Sync Full 
    Regular start time < 3 < 15 min
    Fast start time < 3 min (gas) / 1 min (liquid) < 10 min
    Stop time < 1   min

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