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Middle East & Asia towards a 100% renewable energy future

We help Middle East & Asia to decarbonise 

Middle East and Asia is set to become a key driver of world energy trends over the coming decades as countries commit to decarbonisation targets while their energy demands grow. 

We believe careful planning of power systems towards more sustainable and diversified energy supply portfolios can save billions and rapidly reduce CO2 emissions. We create value through our extensive power system knowledge and experience from integrating different generating assets.

On this page, you may find our best materials and proceedings in decarbonising Middle East & Asia.


Rethinking Energy – Navigating change in the power sector

References in Middle East & Asia

31 GW

of engine power plant capacity installed.

362 MW

of energy storage capacity installed.

7.4 GW

of installed base under service agreement.

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LNG to Power Forum APAC

Singapore , Singapore

In the wake of events in Ukraine, Russian LNG is already de facto barred from landing in the UK. A mixture of additional self-sanctions and a desire to reduce Russian pipeline flows will see Europe’s appetite for non-Russian LNG continue to strengthen. What will that mean for LNG deliveries to Asia-Pacific and the gas-to-coal power sector switching they were planned to fuel? 
Join the industry's senior strategic decision makers to explore the opportunities and challenges in the LNG-to-power sector, what markets offer advantages, and how LNG-to-power can support the energy transition.


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