A position at which one or several tasks constituting a particular activity are carried out.

- Manual steering workstation – Workstation from which the ship can be steered by a helmsman.

- Monitoring workstation – Workstation from where equipment and environment can be checked constantly. When several persons are working on the bridge it serves for relieving the navigator at the navigating and manoeuvring workstation and/or for carrying out advisory functions by the master or a pilot.

- Navigation and manoeuvring workstation – Main workstation at which the course, speed and position in relation to the waters and traffic can be controlled and monitored, and where communication relevant to navigation can be performed.

- Radiocommunication workstation – Workstation for operating and control of equipment for GMDSS distress and safety communications and general communication.

- Route planning workstation – Workstation at which voyages are planned. In case of lack or failure of the automatic visual position indicator, it serves for fixing and documenting the ship position.

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