The multipurpose workboat BELYRYAR features a pontoonshape and a double chine bow. Amidships aft, the hull is fitted with a double plate skeg to improve directional stability. It is propelled by two fixed-pitch propellers running in propeller nozzles. A ro-ro loading ramp has been arranged in the front and is suitable for transfer of a bulldozer. A hydraulic deck crane is fitted forward on the working deck in port side. The deck crane, featuring a slewing drive fitted with dowel pins, has the maximum capacity of 16t at an outreach of 11.80m. The hydraulic towing winch fitted amidships in front of the superstructure features a brake holding power of 80t and a drum capacity of 300m 44mm diameter steel wire.

Length on waterline: 30.00m, Breadth, mld: 11.00m, Depth: 2.60m, Propulsion: 2x537kW, Speed: 9 knots, Bollard pull: 15 knots.

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