Voith-Schneider Propulsor (VSP), cycloidal propeller

A type of the azimuthing propulsor which generates thrust by means of profiled blades that project from the bottom of the ship. The blades are mounted in a rotor casing that is flush with the bottom of the ship. The energy required to rotate the rotor casing is supplied by an engine via the reduction gear and the bevel gear. The rotor casing is axially supported by the thrust plate and centered radially by the roller bearing. 

The blades perform an oscillating motion controlled by the crank-type kinematics system. The amplitude and phase of this motion is determined by the position of the lower end of the pivoting control rod.

The control rod is actuated by two servomotors:

- The propulsion servomotor is used to adjust the pitch for forward and reverse motion of the ship.

- The rudder servomotor is used for transverse thrust (motion to port and starboard). The amount and direction of the thrust can be determined very quickly. The VPS operates at a comparatively low revolution speed and is characterized by long service life and very low maintenance requirements.

The VPSs are used primarily on Voith Water Tractors, double-ended ferries, mine countermeasure vessels, passenger ships, buoy layers and floating cranes.

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