In the event of an emergency at sea where there is a need to abandon ship, every second counts and rapid evacuation is a must. The VIKING Evacuation Slide (VES) is the slide-based evacuation system which enables passengers and crew to board liferafts in a quick and safe manner without having direct contact with water. The dual-track slide consists of 12 main longitudinal tubes within 8 separate main compartments, each individually inflated. The slide is connected to a 100 person self-draining boarding platform. This platform can be cut free from the slide and function as a supplementary rescue craft. The 30° angle between the slide and the ship ensures that the system can compensate and absorb extreme ship and sea movements.

The self-contained and very compact stowage box allows installation anywhere on the ship: on open deck, between decks in open recess or can be built into the ship side. The VES itself does not require any external power supply. It is activated by nitrogen pressure, released by one handle. The front door opens and pulls out the slide and platform and immediately starts inflation. A wide range of different liferafts can be used in combination with the slide system ensuring a very high degree of flexibility.

DD-MES Alu System Type 3.3 is designed for built-in installation especially on fast speed crafts or other vessels with high focus on weight. Providing direct access from the accommodation area, it allows for speedy evacuation in case of emergency: 500 people within 30 min. Weight 1950kg for 12m slide version or 2100kg for version with 18m slide.

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