The double-ended ferry DOKTOR WAGEMAKER carries 1750 passengers on the 20 minutes crossing. The vessel is provided with four Viking Evacuation Mini Chutes (VEMC) (installation height 12.7m) with incorporated self-righting liferafts and 4x150-man liferafts to safeguard the lives of passengers. Each VEMC system is capable of evacuating 354 people in just 30 minutes and is specially designed to suit smaller vessels operating even in heavy seas. The system has a reinforced Kevlar chute with non-abrasive lining for controlled descent directly into high capacity self-righting liferafts. While the inner lining acts as a gentle brake, the outer lining is specially reinforced to protect evacuees from the environmental hazards, such as severe weather conditions.

The systems are fitted at the saloon deck level and incorporate a chute with a landing platform, housed in the same enclosure.

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