Vibration measurements

The evaluation of vibration on board the ship shall be based on the results of measurements carried out under the following conditions:

- wind force not more than 4,

- sea state not more than 3,

- water depth greater than 5 times the draft of the ship,

- ballast loading condition,

- sailing ahead,

- course straight or slightly turning,

- rudder position up to 2 deg,

- shaft power 90% of MCR,

- rated revolutions,

- two auxiliary engines running.

Full-scale measurements shall be carried out according to Vibration Test Plan prepared by a specialist company which will conduct the tests. A Vibration Tests Report should be prepared. The vibration measurements can be performed according to ISO 4867-1984 “Code for measurement and reporting of shipboard vibration data”, and ISO 4868-1984 “Code for measurement and reporting of shipboard local vibration data”. Vibration measurements will be carried for all ships. However, with positive results on the first ship, the Owner may suspend the measurements for the sister ships.

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