Turret mooring system of FPSO

A mooring turret is installed at the centre of the ship, where all anchoring lines terminate and around which the ship is free to make rotations, enabling it to select a favourable heading for the environment. The mooring forces applied to the vessel are introduced and accommodated by the turret components contained within the hull.

The turret mooring system of the FPDSO consists of an array of anchor legs, connected at their lower end to an anchor point and at their upper end to the turret. The turret cylinder accommodates the entry points for the anchor legs and the risers at its lower end. At its upper end there is an anchor leg tensioning system with chain lockers and the riser support structures. In the turret, the chains are accommodated in tubes with flared trumpet exits at their lower end. The turret at its upper deck supports up to 16 individual chain lockers which accommodate the additional lengths of chain that are paid-out or pulled-in when the vessel is relocated above each drilling template.

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